Please format the card on your dash cam.
Plug your dash cam to your PC via the USB cable.
Download the firmware bin on website and copy it to your card directly.
Unplug the dash cam from PC.
Plug your dash cam to a wall charger.
Wait for1 min, the dash cam will automatically turn on.
Check the firmware version again on your dash cam, if it shows the same as the one on website, it means update finished, then please format the card on your dash cam again.

Attach the Suction Mount to the cameraʼs Mount Connector,pushing it in until it clicks.
Thoroughly clean the windshield using water or alcohol, and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
Wipe the Suction Mounting Pad clean on the Suction Mount.
Securely attach the Suction Mount to the windshield, and rotate the locking clamp on the mount 90° upward until it clicks.

Operate the dash cam when it is not in charging.
Leaving the dash cam in car over 7 days without using it.
The firmware in dash cam is out of date

Motion detection can detect infrared waves, i.e. heat waves that radiate from moving objects. When the detector senses an object moving across its field of view especially warmer objects such as people, animals and cars. Lights can also trigger a Motion Sensor. For Motion Sensors which sense Infrared Radiation, lights which quickly change in temperature can cause the sensor to trigger.

A microwave motion sensor uses electro-magnetic radiation. It emits waves which are then reflected back to the receiver. The receiver analyzes the waves that are bounced back. If there is an object moving in front of car, these waves are going to be altered. The microwave detector is able to identify changes from moment to moment. Ideally, the receiver should be receiving the same waves back again and again.

Overall, because of the way that microwave motion sensors work, it can be less sensitive than Motion detection do. In other words, microwave motion will be more accurate and won’t be interfered by the changing light or the shaking trees in front of the cam.

It is not stable enough for HD video as we tested.

Most SD cards are perfectly fine for your smartphone, but when it comes to your dash cam, it would be another story. As you all know, dash cam keeps recording while driving. It continuously writes about more than 3000KB’s data to your card per second and overwrites the oldest data at the same time. Nonstop working can be brutal on cards which aren’t designed for continuous writing. As time went on, the performance of your card will get worse, it may lead to several problems:

Stop recording

Missing file

Disordered length of your videos

And the worst, your dash cam stops working!

Install the External GPS Mount onto the camera instead of the original mount.
Plug the USB Connector into the GPS Mount to power it.
Once charged, the camera will power on. Recording will commence if a microSD card has been inserted, just press the Confirm Button to stop recording.
Press the MENU button to enter setup, go to “GPS Setup”>“GPS Setup” to activate the camera’s GPS function.
The GPS receiver will start to search for a GPS signal, this is represented by a gray GPS icon on the screen. Once the GPS signal has been received and locked, the icon will turn orange.
You can include GPS tracking and vehicle speed on the video footage, go to “Record Setup”>“Stamp”>“GPS Location Stamp”and “Speed Stamp” to set.

For a card with the Format FAT32, the size of each file won’t be over 4G. If the video is too . it will easily become stuck when playing back.
The dash cam will stop recording when the card is full if you turn off the loop recording.

Insert the card into the camera, (if it says ‘please insert TF card’ here, please press the recording(OK) button’)
Press M button to access into the menu, go ‘system setup’ and choose ‘format’.

We only suggest to format your card on dash cam, but if you failed to do it on your dash cam, please follow these steps to format the card on PC.

Put the card into the card reader and then plug the card reader on to the computer.
find the card on the computer/laptop.
click the right-hand button and choose “format”.
and in the properties please choose MS-DOS (FAT).

Make sure you download the correct file bin on website.
Make sure the file name is the original one and it can’t be include some symbol like (1).
Make sure the file is stored in the root directory.

When the car get hit, the camera senses the vibration,the video will be locked into the “event” folder.

But there are some factors that may cause the absence of the video.

The accident is beyond the monitoring range of the camera.
The vibration is not big enough and the video goes to the “normal folder”.
If the accident just happened at the end of a clip by chance, for example, a few seconds, this whole clip will be saved to “event” folder, but the rest of the accident will be in the next clip, and saved into “normal folder”, so you have to check both of the folders according to the time that close to the accident.
when the card is stuck at that moment, then nothing can be recorded. As we tested, many cards of sandisk and transend may not stable enough that will be worn out quickly for loop HD video recording, and we recommend samsung pro endurance and samsung evo select.
If the hit is too severe, to cause the power supply to break off, the camera won’t record at that moment.
When the total event folder takes up 30% of the whole memory card, the event videos will recycle themselves. The old event videos will be erased.

To use the parking mode, firstly you have to turn on the parking mode in record setup. Then you have to connect the cam to a constant power like power bank or hardwiring to the car battery fuse box to get a constant power. When the hardwire detects low battery it will cut off the power and to protect the car battery from being drained. The motion detection will be on 5 minutes after the cam enter parking mode , camera will take the part to detect movements, and once it detects front movement (within 140 degree range), after 1-2 seconds, camera will start to record. When the cam does not detect anything,the cam is under sleeping status (cam on with the screen off).

I can’t turn on my dash cam, can you help me?”
Please check your the wire connection of the system, and make sure all connectors are well contacted.
Then check if there is any indicator light on dash cam. If there is, please try to use something like needle to hit the reset hole on dash cam. If it didn’t help, take out the card from your dash cam and try to reset the dash cam again.
If there is no indicator light on dash cam, it means that the dash cam is not in charging. Please try plug the USB cable to the camera instead of the mount and test to see if it’s the mount issue. Take the mount and camera down and try to charge both connectors on them via your phone charger. That test is to see if it’s the car charger’s problem. If you find that one of these accessories is broken, just feel free to contact our support team with your order number and issue via We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Please check if you have turned on the ‘loop recording’ in ‘record setup’.
Please check if there are many event videos locked in the ‘Event’ folder? If so, please delete those files and adjust the G-sensor level. Please note that those files in ‘Event’ folder can not be overwritten, but need you delete them manually.
Check if your SD card is the one we recommend. Please note that some cards like sandisk and transend may not stable enough for HD video.

You are talking about the night vision, right? This function is only available in N4/N2 Pro/N2S currently. Please check if you have turn on the IR light. You can easily switch the night vision mode by slightly pressing the Power button.