Matters needing attention when charging a mobile phone with a wireless charger

The development of wireless charging technology has brought convenience to mobile phone users, but there are still some things to pay attention to when using a wireless charger to charge a mobile phone.

1. Choose a suitable wireless charger

There are many types of wireless chargers on the market, and we should choose a charger that matches our mobile phone model. Different mobile phone brands and models have different charging methods, some chargers are only suitable for specific models of mobile phones, and improper use may cause damage to the mobile phone. Therefore, we need to carefully check the manual of the mobile phone or consult the after-sales customer service to confirm whether the wireless charger purchased is suitable for our mobile phone.

2. Pay attention to the charging environment

The charging distance of the wireless charger is generally 2-4 cm, so you should ensure that there are not too many obstacles between the phone and the charger when charging. Avoid metal contact between the charger and the phone, otherwise it may interfere or damage the phone. At the same time, choose a dry and well-ventilated environment for charging to avoid the influence of excessive dust or humidity on the charger.

3. Reasonable use of wireless chargers

1. Do not overcharge: Although the wireless charger has an intelligent control charging function, overcharging will still cause some damage to the battery of the mobile phone. It is recommended to stop wireless charging when the battery power of the mobile phone reaches about 80% to avoid excessive charging.

2. Pay attention to the temperature during charging: when charging, both the wireless charger and the mobile phone will generate a certain amount of heat, especially during fast charging. So pay attention to avoid excessive use of mobile phones or chargers to avoid overheating of mobile phones.

3. Avoid frequent charging and discharging: Frequent charging and discharging will have a certain impact on the battery life of the mobile phone. It is recommended to charge when the power is close to 10% to avoid frequent charging.

4. Avoid interference with other electronic devices

When using a wireless charger, try to avoid putting it together with other electronic devices to avoid mutual interference. For example, placing a mobile phone and a wireless charger next to a TV, stereo, or other electronic equipment may cause interference and affect the charging effect.

5. Clean the wireless charger regularly

After the wireless charger has been used for a period of time, some dust or debris may accumulate. These sundries may affect the charging effect and even cause damage to the mobile phone or charger. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the wireless charger regularly to avoid dust accumulation.

Summary: Wireless chargers do bring convenience to mobile phones, but there are still some things to pay attention to when using them. Choosing a suitable wireless charger, paying attention to the charging environment, using the wireless charger reasonably, avoiding interference with other electronic devices, and cleaning the wireless charger regularly are all matters that need to be paid attention to when using the wireless charger. And you can check our news for more product information and purchase your favorite products

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